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Star Anise Extrac

发布时间 2022-06-20
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Product name: Star Anise Extrac
上市date: 2022-06-20
Product Details

Latin Name: Illicium verum Hook. f.

Active ingredient: Shikimic acid

CAS No.: 138-59-0

Test method: HPLC

Specifications: 98%

Product Description

Basic info:

Name : Star Anise extract

Source:Star Anise Fruit

Latin name:Illicium verum Hook. f.

Ingredient: Shikimic acid

Specification : 98%Shikimic acid

Test methods:HPLC

CAS No.:138-59-0

Molecular Formula:C7H10O5

Molecular Weight:174.15 

Appearance: Off-white to White powder

what is Star Anise?

Star Anise for magnoliaceae star anise genus of plants, perennial evergreen trees, also known as star anise, anise, aniseed, star anise and so on.  At present, the processing and utilization of star Anise is mainly to extract volatile oil, or grind into fine powder as edible spice.  The dried fruit of star anise contains shikimic acid of 8%-13%, which is the best natural plant material. There are no plants with potential production value except poisonous star anise.

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