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Plant extracts demand will continue to grow with rapid rise of natural medicine market

Publish date: 2018-04-18
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Plant extracts demand will continue to grow with rapid rise of natural medicine market

Reprinted from forward-looking nets

Plant extracts are based on plants as raw materials, according to the end-use of the extracted products, through physical and chemical extraction and separation process, directed to obtain and concentrated one or more effective components, without changing its effective structure of plants.

Plant extracts are an important part of biomedicine. Plant extracts are an emerging industry, although some European countries began to produce and apply plant extracts in early 19th century, but it was only embryonic, not scale, without the formation of an industry. Until the early 1880s, "return to nature"popular in the world frenzy, people feel the negative effects of chemical synthetic drugs, enlarge the pure natural herbs need to create a sense of security, result in the rapid development of plant extracts and unstoppable trend, Germany, Britain, the United States, Italy and other countries have begun to produce herbal extracts used in health food.

Market scale of plant extracts In recent years, the steady growth of demand for plant extracts in the world, especially in developed countries and regions such as Europe and America, has stimulated the development of the industry greatly.

According to the Forward-looking Industry Research Institute Authority issued "Plant extracts industry demand and Investment forecast Analysis report" data show that 2006 global plant extracts sales amounted to 10.14 billion U.S. dollars, 2016 to 33.32 billion U.S. dollars, the average annual market development rate of about 12.63%.

The competition pattern of plant extracts At present, in many countries in the world, plant medicine has become a more popular medicine for consumers, but different countries, different regions of the consumption of plant medicine there is a big difference. Globally, natural medicines are concentrated in the three major regions of Asia, Europe and the United States. According to Freedonia Group, the market demand for natural drugs will grow at a rate of 13% a year.

Multi-channel information shows that the increasing demand for natural drugs in Western countries is an important factor driving the rapid rise of natural medicine market. In the global herbal market in the growing scale of the background, 2016, the global plant extracts market continues to rise, has formed the United States, get, Japan, the law of the four-strong situation. The market for plant extracts in Germany has grown faster than in the United States, where plant extracts have accounted for 22.68% of the global share, while the US has maintained a larger share of the scale of 22.21%, followed by Japan, where the global share of plant extracts is 19.75% and about to break 20% ; France accounted for 13.21%.

And Chinese rapid development in recent years, the global position is also increasingly important, the plant extracts market share reached 7.16%.

Development trend of plant extracts

1 Become new hot of world drug market and R&D

25% of the chemicals produced in the world were originally from plants, most notably aspirin, quinine, Rehmannia glutinosa, Changchun Flower base and Taisou. At present, there are two trends in the research and development of plant medicine: One is the research method of the composition, which is represented by the United States (that is, the method of Western medicine, the single molecular medicine of plant extraction), and the second is the component research method of EU countries represented by Germany.

Compared with the component research method, this method is more convenient for commercial development and more in line with the reality of Chinese herbal medicine industry.

Because the European plant medicine market from the policy and regulation, technical level, consumer psychology and other aspects of development are relatively mature, domestic enterprises through the EU into the International plant medicine market is a convenient way.

2 Natural health care needs will continue to grow 

Recent studies have proved that modern society, such as coronary heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes and so on, has a great relationship with people's daily diet.

It is recognized that certain natural plant extracts can have health care and even the role of prevention and treatment of certain diseases, rather than taking medicine after the disease with natural health food to prevent disease. International demand for plant chemicals is growing.

Consumer demand for products made from organically grown herbs is growing, and this trend will continue; the growing number of plant-formula products with sufficient scientific arguments helps close the gap between healthy food stores and the mass market.

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